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We've found that today's user-generated-content (UGC) platforms have become increasingly detached from reality, as media companies sensationalize content and disinformation spreads easily.

By moving away from UGC and focusing the content on Real around sports data (plays, players and games), we've discovered that people can have more productive social interactions.

On top of that, we've made it the fastest way to check scores, explore stats, and follow your favorite players, teams and tags.

We're starting with basketball, football, hockey and baseball with plans to expand to soccer, racing, cricket and beyond in the coming years.


The idea was born in February of 2020, starting with wanting to create a modern social sports platform (but really just wanting to drop some Drake emojis on NBA plays). We have been building, iterating and adding sports to the product ever since.

Thank you

We are grateful for all of you and your support.

Thank you for downloading and engaging with Real Sports. We refer to you all internally and externally as members not *users*.

Welcome to the Real Fam.

We are just getting started 🚀

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