1a. Be civil and respectful

Don't be offensive for the sole purpose of being offensive. Don't comment with the purpose of inciting negative reactions from other Real members.

Comment Guidelines

1b. Threats, suggesting/wishing harm, or personal insults

Any comments including threats, suggestions of harm, or personal insults will get you banned, including any threats or wishing harm towards professional athletes/members.

2b. Racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory language

This is an automatic ban. This includes jokes or quotes that include such language. We want everyone, no matter their age, gender, sexuality, or race, to feel welcome on Real.

3b. Flame bait

Trash talk is okay, but once it gets too excessive or personal, it's not okay. Do not comment with the sole purpose of trolling or inciting reactions from other members. Flamebaiting includes concern trolling and whataboutism. This will lead to a ban.

4b. Harmful Misinformation

Comments that contain harmful misinformation will be removed at moderator discretion. Examples include but are not limited to: COVID misinformation, Political Misinformation, etc.

5b. Comments with another member/person’s personal information

This one is self explanatory, but making comments with another person’s personal information(name, twitter, facebook, phone number, etc) is against Real's policies.

Miscellaneous Rules

1c. The Theory of Bans

We don't do explicit warnings because they don't work. A ban is what we use as a warning. If you get banned, message @mod and we can work it out with you and most likely fix your behavior and get you unbanned.

2c. Novelty Accounts

Most novelty accounts will be banned if they comment too frequently, are one dimensional, or derail comment sections. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. Please be aware that if you are becoming nothing more than "That guy that does/says _____", you are on the verge of becoming a novelty account.

3c. Spoilers / Gore / Porn

This is an insta-ban. Don't comment that stuff on Real.

4c. Offensive Usernames

We treat usernames just the same as we treat comments. If we do not allow it as a comment, we do not allow it as a username. This goes for anything purposely trying to be offensive or any username deemed overly offensive. These kinds of usernames will result in a permanent ban.

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