Leaderboards are a fun way to compete with the Real community to win trophies and prizes for your profile! 🏆

For each sport, there are leaderboards for Weekly, Monthly, Season and Playoffs.


Top 10 Weekly win 5 to 50 Rax.

Top 10 Monthly win 20 to 200 Rax.

Top 3 in the Regular Season and in the Playoffs win 1600 for 1st, 800 for 2nd, or 400 for 3rd.


Top 500 Weekly, top 1000 Monthly, top 5000 Regular Season, and top 5000 Playoffs all win profile trophies. 🏆

Karma you win from pre-game polls, in-game polls and viewing live game feeds are added up for each sport leaderboard during the particular time frame.

Good luck on the leaderboards đŸ’¯

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