Rax are the virtual bucks of Real.

Rax can be purchased in the app, earned by gaining karma and placing on leaderboards, or won by placing in brawls.

All Rax purchases are final without refunds

With Rax you can claim play, player and team cards.

🃏pagePlay Cards🃏pagePlayer Cards🃏pageTeam Cards

We will be adding many more ways to spend Rax 🎉

Why Rax?

Rax are more than just virtual bucks; they're your ticket to unlock the best experiences on Real.

We're on a mission to create the greatest sports platform of all time and Rax allows you to be a part of that journey.

Every year we are adding more sports, leagues, and features. When you purchase Rax, you're not just improving your own experience; you're contributing to the growth and innovation that will make Real the new leader in sports entertainment.

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