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Brawls are a free-for-all competition during the live game. They are a premium feature available to Real Pro members and allow you to earn Rax and trophies.
Press the 🕹 button on any game to enter the brawl

How to play?

1) There are 3 (or more) player slots for you to fill. Players can be chosen from both teams.
2) The same player can be chosen multiple times.
3) When a player is selected in a slot, you score points based on how much their Real performance score has increased since you picked them.
4) When you swap a player out of a slot, the gains get added to your total score and you climb the leaderboard!
5) Finish at the top of the leaderboard to win trophies and Rax
Brawl prizes are listed in the brawl popup for a game


There are 4 brawl slots to fill. You can swap players pre-game, at the end of each quarter, during free throws, and timeouts. You can select one player up to 2 times, and you must choose 3 different players.
You can swap players as often as you wish. Players are unable to be chosen after a recent play they are involved in.
You can swap players after each drive and at the end of each quarter. You are allowed to swap players after punts, touchdowns, field goals, and turnovers.
Players can be swapped freely during middle and end of innings. There are also 3 live-game swaps that can be used. For example, if the bases are about to be loaded, you might want to swap in the batter on deck.
Within a couple minutes after the game is over, your final gains get added to your score and you will be notified of your final placement


We will be making rapid improvements to Brawls and we are very excited about their future.
Have fun brawling out there!