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On this day

You can now claim Rax for player and team card performance from that day in history, for player and team cards from previous seasons.
The player or team card must be Common or better in rarity to claim Rax. You can increase your card's rarity by collecting plays for that player or team in that season.


Let's say you own a Rare Steph Curry 2022-23 player card. On November 15, 2022 his performance earned 18 Rax.
On November 15, 2023 you can claim 29 Rax (18 Rax * 1.6 Rare multiplier). The same goes for team cards.
You can claim Rax for 1 player and 1 team for each sport every day.
You can access the "On this day" earnings by pressing the 📅 button at the top right of the Cards tab.