Real Sports

Play Cards

Play cards are available by purchasing packs with Rax or using the free single-card pulls that come with Real Pro.
Play packs cost 200 Rax.


Each card has one or more traits (lead-taking, fadeaway, snipe, game-winning, etc.) associated with a category (layup, dunk, midrange, three, free throws).
As you collect cards, you can fill them on your collectible map for each trait in each category.
When you fill cards, you climb the category leaderboards.
A red dot on a trait on your map means that you have an available card to fill.
A white dot on a trait on your map means that there is an available card with a higher rating.
Compete to be the best free throw, dunk, three, layup or midrange collectors on Real. 🏆
We are also working on creating a robust achievement system for you to earn by filling your collectible map, and also achievements you can earn for your collecting your favorite player and team cards.


Each trait has a rarity which is associated with how often the trait occurs in the season. The rarities are common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.
Rarity is not always associated with a higher rating. Game situation influences the rating, but not the rarity.
For example, the snipe tag is an epic rarity for a three for NBA. However, if the snipe happens when the team is down by 20 in the 2nd quarter, that will be a low rated play. If the snipe happens late in the 4th quarter in a close game, that will be a high rated play.


Available: NBA 2022-2023
Next planned: MLB 2023, NHL 2022-23


We will eventually be adding all historical seasons for all sports. You will be able to collect plays and open packs from historical seasons, trade across sports and across seasons, and build your ultimate collection.
We will also eventually have different types of packs with different rarities and prices, and a marketplace to buy and sell cards.
This is just the beginning for play cards on Real.
We can't wait to see what collections you build 🙌