Real Sports

Player Cards

Cards allow you to get a premium experience on Real during the active season for your favorite players and teams.
Player cards cost 200 Rax.


Player and team cards come with the following features for the entire season:

💸 Earn Rax

Player card-holders can earn Rax for every game depending on player performance and separately by winning the challenge statline leaderboard among all card-holders. The winnings depend on the tier that the card is currently in.
Earnings are sent the following morning for all player cards you hold.
  • All sport player cards earn Rax based on a combination of 1) how the player performs against their season average and 2) the overall performance rating.
    • We will show these earnings on each performance screen in a future update.
  • If a player plays the full season they are able to earn up to 2x or more from the cost of the card. More specifics coming soon.

🥸 Custom avatar

You can upload a custom avatar for the player or the team that shows *everywhere* on Real for that player or team. If you love a certain beard picture of James Harden, or you just want to use a picture of a Twinkie... its up to you.

💬 Custom nickname

You can set a custom nickname for the player or the team that shows *everywhere* on Real for that player or team. Name LeBron "The King" and Westbrook "The Queen", and watch every Lakers game on Real as The Queen dishes alley-oops to The King.

🎨 Comment flair on content

Show off your cards everywhere you comment on Real for a certain sport. Your cards will show under your comment with their serial numbers. If you comment on any plays, performances or reports for that player, you will show above other members that have equal comment karma. Your card will also be highlighted.

🏞 Custom comment avatar

Add a special avatar for yourself that shows where ever you leave comments for the player - on any plays, performances, reports or in the player group.

🙌 Future benefits

This is just the very beginning for cards. We have lots of future plans in the works for more benefits for holding cards, claiming them early, and big plans for historical sports data.


Every player, team and sport cards is broken up into tiers. Each time a new tier is reached, everyone with a card earns 5 Rax. There will be more future benefits for having lower tiers for cards.
  • Tier 1 = first 10 card-holders
  • Tier 2 = first 20 card-holders
  • Tier 3 = first 50 card-holders
  • Tier 4 = first 100 card-holders
  • Tier 5 = first 200 card-holders
  • etc...