Real Sports


Rax is the virtual currency that powers Real
Rax can be purchased from the Rax tab in the app or earned by gaining karma.
Features that can be accessed with Rax:
We will be continually improving and adding fun ways to spend Rax


Rax will allow you to have an enhanced experience on Real, while providing us with money to run our servers and continue to build and grow.
Since we began building Real in March 2020 we have been entirely bootstrapped (every dollar has come out of our own pockets to run Real).
Our servers and sports data costs are expensive. As the Real community grows and we add more sports and leagues, purchasing Rax is the best way to show your support. We can assure that we will re-invest every dollar into the future of Real. Building the best product is one of our most important company values.
The goal is to move forward without a traditional advertising model that requires shady personal data mining and annoying media pop-up ads. We realize advertisements would hurt the authentic Real experience and hope to never introduce these on Real.
If you love using Real, please show us support so we can continue to create the best sports app for you.
All Rax purchases are final without refunds