Real Sports

Team Cards

📚 Basics

  • Team cards cost 800 Rax
  • Team cards have a unique serial #
  • Team cards are tied to the season on the card
  • Team cards can earn Rax every game
  • Collect Play cards to earn more Rax per Team card
  • Unlock fun features with Team cards

💸 Earn Rax

Each sport has its own rules for how Team Cards can earn Rax
⚾ MLB Team cards
  • Wins earn 4 times the difference in score (i.e. your team wins by 4, you earn 16 Rax)
🏈 CFB Team cards
  • Wins earn 100 Rax + score differential + bonus for beating a ranked opponent
  • Upset Wins earn 200 Rax + score differential + ranked opponent bonus
  • Losses earn up to 50 Rax (max) based on points scored + close game bonus + ranked opponent bonus
  • Upset Losses earn 0 Rax
🏈 NFL Team cards
  • Wins earn 100 Rax + score differential * 2
  • Losses earn points scored + close game bonus
NFL/NBA/NHL Team card earnings coming soon...
Earnings are sent within an hour after the game ends.

Earn extra Rax if you win the most karma in a game among all card-holders.

  • Regular Season
    • NBA & NHL: 5 Rax/game
    • NFL: 40 Rax/game
    • MLB: 2 Rax/game
    • CBB: 10 Rax/game
    • CFB: 40 Rax/game
  • Playoffs
    • NBA & NHL: 10 Rax/game
    • NFL: 60 Rax/game
    • MLB: 10 Rax/game
    • CBB: 20 Rax/game
    • CFB: 60 Rax/game

📈 Level Up Your Team Cards

Want to earn more Rax? Level up your Team cards by collecting their Play cards.The better the Plays, the faster your Team cards level up.
  • Common Team Card
    • Threshold: 30 total play ratings
    • Rax Bonus: 1.2x the base Rax
  • Uncommon Team Card
    • Threshold: Additional 60 play ratings (90 total)
    • Rax Bonus: 1.4x the base Rax
  • Rare Team Card
    • Threshold: Additional 90 play ratings (180 total)
    • Rax Bonus: 1.6x the base Rax
  • Epic Team Card
    • Threshold: Additional 120 play ratings (300 total)
    • Rax Bonus: 2x the base Rax
  • Legendary Team Card
    • Threshold: Additional 150 play ratings (450 total)
    • Rax Bonus: 2.5x the base Rax
📝 Note: The number of Play cards you'll need will vary based on the ratings of the Play cards you collect. Mythic Team Cards are not available yet.

💎 Features

Team cards come with the following features for the entire season:

🥸 Custom avatar

You can set a custom avatar to your Team card that will appear everywhere for the Team. Whether you're a fan of Lakers glory or prefer to represent them with a trash can, the choice is yours.

💬 Custom nickname

You can assign a nickname to your Team card, making game-time on Real even more entertaining. Name the Golden State Warriors 'Splash City' and the Memphis Grizzlies 'Griddy,' and relish each matchup as Splash City tries to rain threes over Memphis' Griddy.

🎨 Comment flair on content

Your Team card and serial number appear below your comments. If you comment on that Team's plays, performances, or games, you'll rank above others with equal upvotes, and your comment will be highlighted.

🏞 Custom comment avatar

Add a special avatar for yourself that shows where ever you leave comments for the Team - on plays, performances, or games in the Team group.


Every Team card is broken up into tiers. Each time a new tier is reached, everyone with a Team card earns 5 Rax.
  • Tier 1 = first 10 card-holders
  • Tier 2 = first 20 card-holders
  • Tier 3 = first 50 card-holders
  • Tier 4 = first 100 card-holders
  • Tier 5 = first 200 card-holders
  • etc...