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What is karma?

Karma is Real's social currency which allows you to build up your profile by earning Rax, unlocking new features, winning trophies on game and season leaderboards, and earning badges.

How can I earn Rax?

Every 1,000 karma you will earn 5 Rax 📈 Winning game and sport leaderboards also allow you to earn Rax.

What features can I unlock?

  • 1,000 karma = Profile banner slideshow
  • 5,000 karma = Flair emoji next to username shown when you comment and place on leaderboards (Press the smiley face emoji next to your username to add an emoji)
  • 10,000 karma = Discord 10k Role (access to a tight knit community of Real members)
  • 50,000 karma = Super upvote: long-press to upvote your favorite comments by 5 instead of 1
  • 100,000 karma = 100 Rax bonus earned
  • 200,000 karma = 200 Rax bonus earned
  • 300,000 karma = 300 Rax bonus earned (and so on)

How can I earn karma?

  • Adding a profile avatar and banner
    +50 for each = a total of +100 karma
  • NBA / NFL / MLB emoji challenges
    +10 karma for each player emoji that you press to react (not comment) on one of their plays or performances. You can find these emojis in the NBA / NFL / MLB sections of the emoji popup. For example, Saquan = 🦵 and LeBron = 👑.
  • Pre-game Spread Polls (+10 to +100 karma per poll)
    Before a game starts you can go into the game feed and pick which team you think will cover the spread. You can win 10 karma per game won, or you can long-press or double-tap to wager karma on the team you think will cover (you are able to wager up to 100 karma per game). The way polls work is simple: If you pick the correct winner based on the spread, you gain 10 karma or the karma that you wagered. If you lose and you wagered karma, you lose the karma you wagered.
  • Pre-game Player Polls (+10 to +100 karma per poll)
    Before a game starts you can go into the game feed and pick which player you think will score the most points. You are rewarded karma if the player you pick wins. Karma is rewarded from 10-100 depending on how many votes that player got - if it was the most voted player it you win 10 karma, second most wins 20 karma, third most wins 30 karma, etc.
  • In-game polls (+5 to +50 karma per poll)
    Periodically throughout the game (end of quarters, half-time, close games, timeouts, etc.) we generate live polls. These are either spread polls for picking the winner against the spread, or player polls. Each of these polls is +5 to +50 karma for winning.
  • Live Game Viewership Karma
    +10 karma for each game-feed that you go into while the game is live.
  • Live Feed Viewership Karma
    +10 karma for viewing the Real Live Feed each day.
  • Commenting (once a day)
    +10 karma for leaving a comment once a day
  • Reacting to a player or performance (once a day)
    +10 karma for reacting to a play or performance once a day
We are continually improving and adding more ways to earn karma.