Manage notifications

Managing notifications is easy! Head to the notification panel at the top of the home page or enable directly from the in-app team, player, or tag screens. For more detailed and personalized notifications, consider purchasing Real Pro.

Types of notifications

Real Moments

These are big moments near the end of close games that our team identifies based on objective vibes which allows for a chunk of Real members to experience exciting games together. "Real Moment" notifications are sent to members who favorite teams and players in the specific sport, and infrequently sent to everyone on Real.


By default, team notifications are sent for close games (infrequent) and game summaries. You can go to the specific team screen in-app to enable game start and halftime, and configure the default notification settings. We also send infrequent big-play and performance notifications based on players on the teams you favorite. These notifications vary by sport, and are informative real-time updates like 20+ yard TDs, blazing 12+ straight basketball point streaks as well as big performances like triple-doubles, 4+ total TDs, etc,


We send big-play and performance notifications for players you favorite. These vary by sport, and are cool real-time updates like 40+ yard rushes or catches, hot 8+ straight basketball point streaks, 100+ yard performances, season-highs, etc.


We send play and performance notifications based on tags that you favorite.

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