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Real Pro

Real Pro is our premium feature set.
These features cover every sport on Real 🏀🏈⚾️🏒🎓
All Real Pro purchases are one-time payments and non-refundable. Prices listed in the app for Real Pro are in USD.
Check out the features below that are included for your account while Real Pro is active:

🖥 Web

The full and complete Real experience, now in your browser. Also earn a daily Webmaster badge.

💸 200 Rax per week

Available by using the mobile and web apps
100 Rax for using the mobile app and 100 Rax for using the web app each week.
That is over $100+ in value (over 10,000 Rax) over the course of a year.

🃏 5 weekly cards

Available at the top right of the Cards tab
Get 5 free weekly cards, one for each sport that we support. Right now the supported sports are NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and CFB.

📊 Advanced stats

Available on every play and performance.
For every player in every sport. Real-time advanced regular season and playoff stats on every performance and play.
Stats include up-to-the-minute season totals, season ranks, season game totals, and streak information. Career totals coming in the near future.
NBA performance example
MLB Example
MLB performance example

🔥 Custom usernames

Available when changing your username. Go to your profile => "Edit Profile" => "Change Username"
Access any available 2+ letter username, reserved usernames (any common player first or last name that was previously taken), and emoji usernames.
Emoji usernames can be 1-3 emojis long. Yes, you can be @🍑👀 or any combination from over 100 emojis.
These usernames are available for your account the entire time you are an active Real Pro member.

🔔 Advanced notification settings

Available from the players tab in your notifications settings
For every player in every sport. You can choose to get notified for every single type of play. Also you can configure these only for certain time of the game, score of the game, distance of the shot, etc. for players from their notification screen.
🏀 NBA supports made 2s, made 3s, dunks, missed 3s, steals, blocks, etc. By score, time of game and distance. For any player you want.
🏈 NFL supports rushes, pass completions, receptions, sacks, tackle for loss, solo tackles, field goals, etc. By score, time of game and distance.
⚾️ MLB supports at-bats, Ks, base hits, steals, hits allowed, pitching appearance, etc. By score, inning, distance, and exit velocity.
🏒 NHL supports shots on goal, assists, etc. By score and time of game.

🆓 20% more Rax

Available whenever you buy rax
Get 20% more Rax whenever you buy Rax. More Rax means more play, player, and team cards and more play packs as you build your collection.

🕹 Unlimited brawls

Available from joystick button on the game screen
Access unlimited brawls for every game and earn Rax for placing in the Top 10 of any game. Rax from brawls the day before get paid out each morning. There are bigger Rax prizes for Game of the Day, other special events, and during the playoffs.

📈 Stat tracking

Available from the "Trackers" button in the main menu
Get notified for custom player and game over/unders for every player in every sport. Create custom lines, get notified when they hit.
🏀 NBA supports points, rebounds, assists, PR (pts + reb), PA (pts + ast), PRA (pts + reb + ast), and three pointers made for players, and total points and spread for games.
🏈 NFL supports receiving yards, rushing yards, receptions, passing yards, passing TDs and offensive TDs for players, and total points and spread for games.
⚾️ MLB supports pitching strikeouts, total bases, earned runs allowed, hits allowed, hits + runs + RBIs, and hitting strikeouts for players, and total runs for games.
🏒 NHL supports shots on goal, hits, points, assists, goals, saves and power play points for players, and total goals for games.

👥 Squads

Available on the home screen under the games
Create custom groups of players to view on the home screen for every sport. It is the best way to follow performances from groups of players you usually bet with, your fantasy team, or your favorites.

🎨 Custom Themes

Available from profile settings (top right of profile) => Theme
Custom color picker and themes. Choose your own custom theme color or from 30+ curated themes.

⚖️ Game Event Rax

Available for games marked with the Real logo
Earn 25 Rax for each correct pre-game spread or moneyline poll for game events (marked with the Real logo).
For example, say there are 5 game events on Sunday, you can earn up to 125 Rax for correctly picking all 5 pre-game spread polls that day.
Moneyline polls have the underdog bonus applied accordingly. For example, if the Maple Leafs are +200 underdogs, you earn 50 Rax for correctly picking them to win.

2️⃣ Daily Leaderboard Doubled

Available the next morning
Double the Rax earnings for reaching Top 1000 on the daily karma leaderboard. 1st place Pro members now earn 200 Rax instead of 100, and all other prizes are doubled.

🔗 Share URLs

Available when commenting
Share approved links in comments. This is meant for improving the quality of discussions and information sharing. This feature can be revoked for soliciting, NSFW content, and other abuse.

⭐️ Early access benefits

Get exclusive or first access to every new sport we add and experience we create. We will be talking directly with our Real Pro members as we work to iterate and improve on the experience.