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Real Rating System


Traditional media companies depend on teams of individuals to pinpoint exciting plays. Consequently, you often see highlights mostly from players like LeBron, LaMelo, Odell, etc., because they generate the most clicks.
Rather than subjectively hand-picking the content, which inherently introduces bias, Real's rating algorithm relies on objective criteria to determine the quality of plays and performances. These criteria include:
  • Closeness of game
  • Time of game
  • Number of points/assists/etc. scored
  • Active player point-streak
  • Importance of the assist/block/steal/etc.
  • Efficiency of the player at the time of the shot
  • Game-tying/lead-taking/game-winning plays, etc.
Real's rating system allows us to surface the best plays and performances, in real-time, ensuring you are always informed. On plays and performances throughout Real, you will see a rating number next to our logo.


Real’s Rankings represent a player’s importance and a team’s excitement level, indicating which players make important plays when it matters most and which teams are battling in close games.
Rankings are calculated by summing all the Real performance ratings of a player or team over a 7-day, 30-day, or full-season period.
We continuously improve our Real play ratings, Real player performance ratings, and Real rankings to best reflect the essence of the game.