Real Sports

Real Rating System


Traditional media companies rely on teams of people to identify exciting plays (which is why you typically see mostly of LeBron, LaMelo, Odell, etc. since they drive the most clicks).
Instead of hand-picking what we show you which has inherent bias, our rating algorithm uses objective characteristics to determine the quality of plays and performances:
  • Closeness of game
  • Time of game
  • Number of points/assists/etc. scored
  • Active player point-streak
  • Importance of the assist/block/steal/etc.
  • Efficiency of the player at the time of the shot
  • Game-tying/lead-taking/game-winning plays, etc.
This rating system allows us to surface the best plays and performances in our product to show you in real-time so you are always in the know. You will see our rating numbers throughout the product next to our logo.


Real’s Rankings represent a player’s importance or a team’s excitement: which players are making important plays when it matters most and which teams are usually battling in close games.
Rankings are calculated by summing all of a player or team’s Real performance ratings over a 7-day, 30-day, or full season.
We are continually improving our Real play ratings, Real player performance ratings, and Real rankings to best reflect the game.