Frequently asked questions

What is Real?

Real is a social sports data platform. On Real, we aggregate live contextual data for every Play, Player Performance, Team, and Game. You can set personalized notifications, receive lightning-fast updates, leave comments, fill out polls, climb leaderboards, and build a collection of your favorite plays, players, and teams.

How do I use Real?

Open Real during game times of your favorite leagues, teams, and players. During live games, you can discuss plays and predict polls. After live games, you can earn Rax and collect Plays, Players, and Teams. Set notifications to be notified of important sports moments.

How do I manage notification preferences?

Managing notifications is easy! Head to the notification panel at the top of the home page or enable directly from the in-app team, player, or tag screens. For more detailed and personalized notifications, consider purchasing Real Pro.

What sports are next and when is football (soccer) ?

Real recently expanded its offerings to include data for NCAA College Football and UFC, now serving a total of 7 sports leagues that cover all the main (major market) U.S. sports.

Our immediate goal is to reach millions of monthly active members. Although we aim to introduce football (soccer), our current commitment is to enhance the depth of data and collectibles for our existing sports leagues. We're actively working on incorporating collectibles and historical data (as far back as the 90s) for every league on Real.

Keep an eye out for the WNBA; we're likely to introduce it in the 2024 season.

Our ultimate vision is to cover every sport, league, and event with reliable live data.

What is Karma?

Karma is Real's social currency which allows you to build up your profile by earning Rax, unlocking new features, winning trophies on game and season leaderboards, and earning badges.

How do I earn Karma?

Fill out pregame and in-game polls, click into live games, and complete emoji challenges to earn karma quickly!

What is the emoji challenge?

Match the NBA/NFL/MLB emojis with the corresponding player (Ex: 👑 is LeBron). Do this by reacting to a performance or play with the correct emoji. Need help? Check out member @/cody's albums.

What is Real Pro?

Real Pro is a premium offering of Real. It provides access to Real’s website (https://realsports.io/), advanced notifications and stats, allows you to earn weekly Rax, play cards, and more.

What is Rax?

Rax are the virtual bucks of Real. With Rax you can claim Play, Player, and Team Cards. You can both earn Rax and purchase Rax.

How do I get Rax?

Earn Rax by claiming player/team cards (consider it an investment), gaining Karma, participating in Quad battles, and climbing the daily, weekly, and seasonal leaderboards.

We suggest getting a Player/Team card and then opening Play packs. After that, trade for or collect Play cards related to your Player/Team to level up your cards and earn more Rax.

You can also purchase Rax directly or earn weekly Rax with Real Pro.

What are Player cards?

Player cards allow you to earn Rax for every game based on the player's performance. You can level up your player card by collecting play cards related to that player.

What are Team cards?

Team cards allow you to earn Rax for every game based on the team's performance. You can level-up your team card by collecting play cards related to the team.

What do I do with Play cards?

Play cards level-up your player/team cards and earn more Rax. Open play packs and trade for plays related to your player/team cards. For example, if you have a 2023-24 LeBron player card, collect LeBron’s 2023-24 play cards to level-up his player card.

What are booster cards?

Booster cards "boost" your player card’s Rax earnings for a single game. Found in play packs, they're for one-time use. Before games begin, apply the booster card to a player card of your choosing. There are 5 booster card tiers. They also come with an additional Rax earning for the specific stat listed on the booster card.

How many levels are there for Player/Team cards?

There are seven levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mystic, and Iconic. Each level comes with distinct Rax multipliers listed on the card.

How do I get player/team cards?

You need Rax, Real's virtual bucks, to claim Player and Team cards. You can claim a Player/Team card in the cards tab, or go to the Player/Team profile.

How do I get play cards?

You need Rax, Real's virtual bucks, to open play packs. Then through the cards tab you can open play packs and trade other members for plays you want. You can also get play cards through the weekly card pulls with Real Pro.

When do Play packs launch?

A few weeks into each sport's regular season, we release play packs. We're planning to introduce more play pack variations, so stay tuned!

How do I upgrade/level up my Player card?

Level-up your player card by opening play packs and collecting or trading for play cards related to the player. For example, if you have a 2023-24 LeBron player card, collect LeBron’s 2023-24 play cards to level-up his player card.

How do I upgrade/level up my Team card?

Level-up your team card by opening play packs and collecting or trading for play cards related to the team. For example, if you have a 2023-24 Lakers card, collect Laker's 2023-24 play cards to level-up the team card.

Will my player/team cards go away after this season?

No! All play cards and player/team cards will stay in your collection forever. Additionally, with the “On this day” feature, you can earn Rax from past season Player and Team cards (the player/team cards must be at level common or above).

How do I trade play cards?

To initiate a trade, click on a desired card and press "trade".

Within the cards tab, you can view the pack feed to see which cards have been pulled and quickly make trades. Or you can view other members collections and view their plays.

You can also set your "wants" to get matched with other members that have the cards you want.

Always double-check what play cards you are trading for and have fun!

Why are my play cards not leveling up my player card?

Make sure your play cards are from the same season as the player card.

For collecting college football or NFL play cards, note that “CATCH” play cards only level-up receiver cards and “PASS” play cards only level-up QB cards.

Always double-check what play cards you are collecting or trading for.

How do you flex your cards in chats?

To "flex" your card, click on the desired card, press the arrow, press “copy link,” and then paste the link in chat sections throughout Real. Enjoy the flex!

How do I check-in while I'm inside a stadium?

Open the live game in Real, pressing the settings icon at the bottom right corner, and then select “check in."

How do I leave the main Real group?

Switch to the groups tab on the navigation bar next to profile, select the Real main group from your groups list, press on the three dots icon at the top right corner, and then press on “leave."

How do I join groups?

Switch to the groups tab on Real, press the “+” icon at the bottom left corner, and then search for a group to join in the search bar. This page also lists a variety of groups for you to join.

What are brawls and how do I brawl?

Brawls are a free-for all competition during a live game on Real. They are a premium feature available to Real Pro members and allow you to earn Rax and trophies. Press the game controller icon on any live game to access the brawl menu.

How do I get a ranked day?

To get a ranked day, you will have to place in the top 1000 members on the karma leaderboard for a day. You can check your place in the karma leaderboard by switching to your profile tab, pressing your karma count, and then pressing “day” from the list of karma leaderboards.

How do I get a ranked game?

To get a ranked game, wager karma on pre-game and during game polls. Members who place in the top placements in the game’s karma leaderboard receive rax rewards. To access the game karma leaderboard, open your game, tap the chart icon (second to left at the bottom), and then tap “leaderboard.” The score and leaderboard will show up after the game is processed.

Is there a way to slow down the game-feed or mute notifications per game?

To slow down the game-feed or mute notifications for each game individually, open the game you want to make these changes to, press the setting icon at the bottom right corner, and then select “slowmode” and “mute notifications” to mute all notifications for the game.

Why didn't my referral work?

You can check your referrals through the referral dashboard through the main menu on home. If the person you referred doesn’t show up then they typed your code wrong, didn’t type your code in upon signup, or used a device that had Real before. We don’t support referring Android devices

How do I delete my account?

Go to your profile, press the “gear” settings icon in the top right, then press “account” and you can delete it by following the directions in the account section.

I am being harassed what do I do?

First go to the profile of the member that is harassing you and block, mute, and report the member. Then go to your profile and press the “gear” setting icon in the top right, press “privacy” and enable “friends only” for mentions, replies, messages, etc.

How do I get Real Pro?

Real Pro can be purchased on your profile. Real Pro is not a subscription; it is a one-time payment for access to premium features for a duration of one month, three months, or one year. Learn more here https://docs.realapp.link/the-basics/real-pro

Why not non power 5 conferences for CBB?

Non power 5 conferences don’t have reliable and realtime data. We’ll have all games for march madness.

How do I get Real on PC, computer, tablet, etc.

With Real Pro you can access our website https://www.realsports.io/

When do MLB player cards for this year drop?

We release Player/Team cards around the start of the regular season. We announce when we plan on launching them. In years past, Real Pro members get first dibs for Player/Team cards upon release.

When do daily cards, the card shop, etc. reset?

Daily cards reset at 10am EST

When do I receive Rax from my player cards?

Rax for player cards process at 7am EST

When do plays from today go into circulation?

The following morning at 7am EST plays can be pulled in general packs

How many card rarities are there?

There are 7 tiers of player and team card rarities that can be reached by collecting play cards, which come with Rax earning multipliers.

Why aren’t there yesterday packs? Where are the yesterday packs? When do Yesterday packs reset?

There are 2,000 yesterday packs for the NBA/NHL and they reset at 10am EST everyday.

What does a negative play do?

A negative rating on play card will positively apply, upgrade, add to, level-up a player and team card.

How do I cancel Real Pro

Real Pro is not a subscription; it is a one-time payment for access to premium features for a duration of one month, three months, or one year. Once purchased, it cannot be canceled.

Do cards transfer over from year to year or what happens to my cards when the season is over?

Each card corresponds to the season on the card. You forever keep your cards from previous seasons and can earn Rax using the “on this day” feature. Claim the active seasons player/team cards to earn Rax throughout the active season. Learn more here: https://docs.realapp.link/rax/on-this-day

What are achievements? Can I earn Rax? What’s the reward?

Achievements allow you to see what type of plays you’ve collected across categories when filling up your map (I.e. Knowing if you are or were a top LeBron dunk collector, etc.). Achievements don’t earn Rax. Learn more about play card features here https://docs.realapp.link/rax/play-cards

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